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Unlock iPhone/iPad Instantly

Perfect Tool for Unlocking iOS Screen without Passcode


Unlock Three Types of Passcodes

ApowerUnlock allows you to unlock iPhone/iPad without passcode regardless of the reason why it has been locked. It enables you to easily remove passcode from iPhone/iPad, unlock fingerprint passcode or Touch ID.

  • Passcode
  • Touch ID
  • Face ID

Just note that the ApowerUnlock for Windows does not support unlocking Apple ID now.

And all the data on the iPhone/iPad will be removed once it has been unlocked successfully.

Main functions

What can ApowerUnlock Do?

  • Forgotten iPhone/iPad passcode
    ApowerUnlock can help you unlock disabled iPhone/iPad lock screen if you forgot iPhone/iPad passcode, regardless of the reason.
  • Get a used and locked iPhone/iPad
    This iPhone/iPad screen unlocking tool can unlock a second hand iPhone/iPad and wipe out all the old data in it, allowing you to use it just like a brand-new iPhone/iPad.
  • iPhone/iPad screen cracked
    If your iPhone/iPad screen is broken and you cannot unlock the screen, ApowerUnlock can help you with it. It can easily unlock iOS screen, allowing you to enter the system and use it instantly.
  • Passcode set by others unintentionally
    ApowerUnlock can also be used to quickly remove the passcode set by others unintentionally when using your iPhone/iPad.
  • iPhone/iPad locks after numerous incorrect password attempts
    Your iPhone/iPad will be locked after you enter a wrong passcode too many times. In this case, ApowerUnlock can unlock your device quickly.
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    Forgot Screen Time Passcode
    If you forgot the Screen Time passcode you set before, you can use ApowerUnlock to unlock it and get your phone back to normal immediately.

Key features

Why should you choose ApowerUnlock?

  • Simple
    ApowerUnlock has a simple and user-friendly interface, and even newbies without expertise can handle and use it to unlock iOS devices.
  • Swift
    ApowerUnlock works like a charm, and it allows you to unlock iPhone/iPad screen passcode in just a few minutes.
  • Stable
    ApowerUnlock is a reliable app, and it can unlock almost all the locked iOS devices without the necessary passcode.


Strongly recommended
  • I get a used iPhone the other day but cannot get the screen unlocked. Then I find ApowerUnlock. It works great and unlocked my iPhone in just few minutes, which solved my problem. I like it.
    Strongly recommended
  • I forgot my iPhone passcode and cannot get into the system, which makes me very sad. ApowerUnlock saved me, it unlocked my passcode. Good job!
    Strongly recommended
  • ApowerUnlock saved my cracked-screen iPhone, I can't believe it!
    Strongly recommended
  • I have an old iPad and have another iCloud account logged in, but I forgot the passcode and cannot remove it. So I can almost do nothing with it. Luckily, I have ApowerUnlock, it helped me remove the old iCloud account. Thanks! 国产7坐suv国产7坐suv,粉蝶app官方粉蝶app官方,打屁股动图抖音打屁股动图抖音
    Strongly recommended
  • ApowerUnlock works like a charm! It is so helpful and it unlock my iPad screen without passcode. Helped me a lot! Never miss it!
    Strongly recommended
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ApowerUnlock - The Best Tool to Unlock iPhone/iPad

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